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Best Black Tea At Amazon

Black teas are known to be one of the greatest kind of tea that you can drink. It contains polyphenols which is considered as one of the best ingredient of a tea. This acts as an antioxidants to the body.And support your DNA away from danger.

Black tea contains a bit of caffeine that is enough to get you going after drinking a cup of it.This black tea is actually come from leaves which undergone the oxidation process and it lets the plant become darker.

It has also contain theophylline that will help your heart function well and make you feel energized.A study shows also that those women drinking a lot of black tea regularly are not prone to ovarian problem.

Black Teas are really a good source to alleviate your health condition. As a result to these researched, I have gathered the best black teas that you can buy at Amazon. And these teas are the best 3 listed with higher ratings from the customer who bought the product.

1.Twinings Tea, Earl Grey, 100 Count

This fruity black tea with a balanced of flavor will definitely fit to your taste. It has a rich and unique taste that anyone would surely love it.This is best as your refreshment that will satisfy your cravings.


  • It is best to steep for 3 minutes(do not go beyond the recommended)
  • The aroma and the product itself is of quality
  • Effective in soothing your sore throat
  • The deepness and complexity of the flavor is amazing
  • Can be a great cup if you add sugar and milk or other sweeteners that will fit to your taste


  • Not the actual item when I received it
  • The taste is not good enough,very light
  • The flavor is not that strong


This tea is good but if you’re looking for a strong and with pure taste, this one is not suit for you because the taste of this tea is very mild.

2.Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Keurig K-Cups, 24 Count

You can enjoy this black tea to its utmost taste if you consider adding it with some sweeteners like milk.But if you’re a kind of person who is satisfied with unsweetened drink,well this one is also best for you.

This black tea perfectly blended from Assam and Kenyan teas.The characteristic of this tea is very exceptional that it only choose the finest plant.Its robustness will make your every cup exciting.


  • It is a caffeinated tea but just enough
  • Best unsweetened tea
  • You can prepare an Iced tea out from this tea
  • It has a great mint taste
  • Delicious flavor that you will surely love every cup of it


  • It taste like chamomile tea
  • The sweetness is not appropriate
  • K Cups and box of the product was damaged maybe because during the shipment


This black tea is best to those tea drinkers looking for tea that is sweet enough to taste or tea without sweetness.

3.Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box, 48 Count

This unique packaged teas are best to anyone. It can be a good presents to someone or if you’re just one of those avid tea lovers that want to try the goodness of this black tea.

You will surely enjoy the different 48 bags of tea included in this box .It has six tea bags of each variety

  • English Breakfast
  • Decaffeinated Breakfast
  • Lemon & Orange
  • Pure Assam
  • Earl Grey
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Chamomile
  • Green Tea with Jasmine


  • It taste smooth and the bitterness is just right
  • The price is right,worth buying for
  • Enough to reuse each tea bag the whole day
  • Properly pack and wrap,very decent
  • The teas are all full and rich in flavor


  • Black teas are not good quality
  • No string and tag on the tea bag
  • It has a weak flavor
  • Very bitter in taste


The tea packaging is very fine that is very presentable to anyone who will buy this product. It has a lot of reviews saying that good quality of the product and it works well to them.However due to some instances their are customers who are not satisfied and you may consider their reviews first before buying the item.


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