best beer koozie

The Best Beer Koozie

The Koozies or Cozies. These Koozies whatever you get a kick out of the chance to call them. They all play out a similar capacity, and that is keeping your lager cool. For a considerable length of time we didn’t know whether brew koozies really helped keep our drink cool, or on the off chance that it was simply one more promoting ploy to profit. So do koozies keep lager chilly? Gratefully in an ongoing year, the fine courteous student of the University of Washington located in Seattle chose to put some genuine science behind it, completely testing koozies. The final product. Indeed, these things do work. Strangely, the reality they help keep buildup from expanding outwardly of the would that be able to be the genuine offering point versus really keeping your alcohol protected. Despite how brew koozies function, they do work. These things have turned into our closest companions for closely following, lawn parties, shoreline excursions, and pretty much every circumstance that requires a brew close by. There’ s a considerable measure of decisions out there with regards to koozies, so normally, we chose to feature five cool koozies that you can buy at the present time.


This is actually made from a real beaver fur and the inside of this koozie has been lined with pink colored neoprene that is I am sure to keep your favorite drink cold. So each one is actually handmade and were right here in the United States.


This California based group at Parlor Tailoring and Goods takes pride in their craftsmanship, and it can be seen immediately with this Zebrawood koozie. Each koozie has been hit with a few layers of waterproof and non-lethal like finish to guarantee this thing will keep going for some, football seasons to come.


If keeping your beverage colder, longer is the end goal, then this is the be all and end all koozie for you. The folks at Thermos know a thing or two about insulating beverages, and they have applied that knowledge to a koozie that crushes the competition.


Intended to look simply like the ones your neighborhood road walker utilizes, however, made one serious part better. The Bum Bag is developed from a waterproof and tear safe Tyvek material with a flexible best to guarantee it will fit on any can or bottle.


Also, Isn’t beaver pelt your thing? We hear you. Possibly you’d rather enclose your lager by a hand-sewed koozie produced using authentic cowhide? Within is fixed with neoprene to help keep your liquor on chill for over half an hour. Red Montana Sky Designs offers a huge number of other cowhide propelled choices to browse too.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Are these effective to use? Yes, they are.
  2. Can I buy these online? Of course, you can.


People often want what’s comfortable for them. Good thing there are plenty of online shops that sell these Koozies.



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