Best Beer Bars in Houston

The Best Beer Bars in Houston

There’s no doubt why Houston, Texas is another ideal place to visit. There’s delectable and intensely wide-range starts from foods to drinks. But did you know that not only Houston known for its incredible places to tour with? Houston, Texas has a lot of beer bars that you can drop by, take note not only a beer bar by its name but, they have a flourishing drinking scene. With regards to the gustatory pleasures of the fourth-biggest city in the US, there are no issues to page Houston charge about. Additionally, Houston is loaded with places where you can snatch an extraordinary chilly one.

From memorable settings to weighty, imaginative mixed drinks, Houston is turning into an unquestionable must-visit city for its refreshment scene. Then again, these days, you can go for all intents and purposes anyplace and get a brew in your most loved market, in any case, an extraordinary beer bar is valuable in all Houstonian. In this way, if you were choosing where to go to the best bars in Houston, look no more the list below will give you the unmistakable answer you required!


Houston is known for its specialty beer bar. With new enactment simplicity limitations on new distilleries and opening up, new channels for supply, eateries, and bars are progressively including intriguing jugs. Additionally, Houston nation is clamoring with different outstanding foods that you can taste, however, bars still bait lager sweethearts with one of a kind settings and noteworthy tap lineups. From open-air spaces perfect for expansive gatherings to imply watering openings, educated staff, great taste in a selection, and amazing feel to make the cut, Houstonian never leave their table without finishing their best choice of lager.

In this way, whether it’s an out of control sharp or an absolutely drinkable blonde brew, one thing’s without a doubt: Houstonians cherish their lager. Without a big doubt, Houston is home to a pack of lager bars that serve up unendingly fascinating line-ups of mixes from everywhere throughout the world. In any case, where does one drink Houston’s best lager hidden from? It relies upon what you’re searching for and this is the right place to look for!

The Best Beer Bars that you can find in Houston!


3422 N Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX


A Cottonwood beer bars has is a strong spot for yard hangs and Texas food, however, its tap list is similarly remarkable. You can truly enjoy their best beers that serve an extraordinary beer found in your neighborhood brews from Saint Arnold to Conroes’s, the blue cheddar stuffed a burger with bacon stick and shoestring onion rings just improve the lagers taste. So, in case you feeling tired, the Cottonwood will give you a refreshing day ahead with their live music, a sprawling yard, and a stocked bar and kitchen with unrivaled Texas bar charge that helps keep everybody cheerful while staying in their bar. On the other hand, while a first-rate selection of their 42 brews on tap this will keep beer lovers upbeat.

D&T Drive Inn

1307 ENID ST
Houston, Tx


Houston’s ice houses are characterized as the city’s drinking society. However, the D&T is doing its best to save the ice house custom, while conveying a tad of innovation to a stunning chronological error. The move up carport entryway is still there, similar to the super cold pails of long necks. You’ll likewise discover a painstakingly curated menu of culinary expert-driven, however suitably easygoing food to go with those brews. Direct a couple of quarters into the jukebox, join a round of washers and feel yourself winding up only somewhat more Houstonian.

The Hay Merchant



The Hay Merchant offers 80 taps of unique breeze and barrels. Also, these beer bars offer an extraordinary service, they serve their beer in a cool glassware with an ideal temp and right pressure. So in any case, make a beeline for this Montrose high flier for beer. Indeed, even your light-lager chugging pal will be turned on by the bar’s dynamic selection of fine-as-hellfire blends. If not, you might need to reexamine that companionship. Well, this Hay Merchant will luckily ideal for beer lovers and new drinkers too!

Flying Saucer Downtown

Houston, Texas


It’s a series within excess of twelve areas spotted all through in any locale in Houston. In any case, to discuss brewpub in this area and not say the lead downtown area would overlook what’s really important. This beer bar has a lot of the specialty lager thing for a long time. Their teams incorporate a portion of Houston’s brightest brew geeks who likely to store cool stuff, moving it out now and again for clients as a pleasant little amazement.

Beer Market Co.


So, you are in the Houston Texas? Look no more for hundred beers to taste in this locale. The Beer Market is not just usual sports bar that you can discover anyplace. The place has TV every corner of the wall, not only this but a cool, strikingly unusual burgers. The beer bar also is known for its house of the favorable selection of beers in the Houston. You can find a hundred beers which go around in any corner of the bar that will not you leave you uninterested.


  1. Which is the most ideal beer bar to visit in Houston? Each on the list above is ideal, but, most of us have different taste in choosing the best beer bar. So, no matter which bar you choose, it will definitely give you a refreshing day you required.
  2. Are they also accepting walk-in customers? Yes, of course! They definitely do! And I believe they would love too.
  3. Do they accept also reservation in case I decided to organize a beer party? Yes, they will.

Final Thought

Houston is not an ordinary place that you can drop by once you decided to make a tour in that place. Houston is a place which you can find a lot of different choices from beers to bars, to food and wines. So, in case not to leave in this country, I bet you have a good choice as well! So, no matter what area you live in, being Houstonian is an extraordinary experience to celebrate beers in the big world of beer bars in Texas!


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