Best Afternoon Tea in New York City

Afternoon tea is perfect especially if you’re having some good time with friends and family or if you’re having a stressful scenario in your work. You can always count on an afternoon tea to let you feel relax and calm.

Afternoon tea are the best way to unwind because the place has a lot to offer. Starting with the good ambiance,set up in dining tables, including the food and drinks they offer and of course the people who are working in the place are the best to consider when having an afternoon tea.

Here I will be listing the best afternoon tea in New York that you will surely love and you don’t want to miss them if you’re in New York. These are the best afternoon teas that are very enticing and has the finest place.

1.The Plaza Hotel

This highly recommended place is a classic grown up itself. You can always include in your list this afternoon tea spot and if you’re planning to have some refreshing drinks. It has  all the attention and dedication especially in their services offered.

This fabulous place is worth each penny you spent. Aside from afternoon tea, they also serve breakfast and other meals that you will surely enjoy.

You can always enjoy these food when visiting the place.Sandwiches with cream cheese,cucumber and classic pb and j, some pastries and cakes and other sweets, you can also have their ultimate rawther delicious drinks.

Or the must ry Gatsby Mint Julep which is the best saleable in the place and also one of the recommended menu to order. Try for yourself.

2.Ritz Carlton Central Park

Refuel yourself with elegant sandwiches, homemade scones, and the best brews made by the masters at Ritz Carlton. You will also love the atmosphere starting from the lounge area up to the dining area, you will never regret visiting the place.

They also offer a unique themed of event from holidays to parties. Alice in Wonderland in the middle of October up to the awaiting holiday season of the year in December that you will love the place more.

The service staff are also amazing and very accommodating. Thes serving time is very efficient that you will not wait longer.

The place is also best if you’re having some breaks and away from the stressful events in life.You will be ensured that your total stay will be the best.

3.The Russian Tea Room

This place is well known to be a kind afternoon tea. This was founded by Known Russian Emperor.Madonna said to be working on this place and it also appears in many television settings.

They offer a lot to your family and friends from American caviar to champagne. And even to those vegetarians or if you have your kids they have menus that you will enjoy while you stay the place. And to those looking for food free from gluten,you can always include this place in your list.

You may always consider this menu list here when visiting the place so that you will no longer worry what to EAT the next time you visit the place.

4.The Carlyle Hotel

When visiting this place you should consider their beverage that is popular around the world. You may want to try their sandwiches, scones, pastries, imported and exotic teas that you can visibly see in their gallery. That includes:  

  • Assam,
  • Lapsang Souchang
  • Verveine)

It has a great location and very accessible especially to many travellers. The service staff are top notch that is highly recommended to everyone. They are very accommodating and will help you through the entire stay in the place.

The place is clean and huge that can actually accommodate many visitors.They also have mini bar where you can enjoy it.They also offer breakfast and other meals which is very convenient.


You really need to stop by in this place especially if you’re trying to find a good afternoon tea. Their all time style English service has a lot to offer and you will really be satisfied with the inside featured menu.

  • Porridge with grain rice
  • Dessert
  • Side Dish(kinpira, root vegetable which is properly cooked)

Not just a plain tea drinker will want to visit this place but mostly some of the tea experts in town will always coming back here because they have a lot of blend tea selection.

  • Matcha Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Pu-erh Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • White Tea

Having those good cup of teas will absolutely make your day and will visit the place over and over again.

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