Best Afternoon Tea in London

We will be introducing here the finest afternoon tea in London that you can spend your time with your family, friends and other colleagues. Afternoon tea ideas was introduced in Britain year 1840’s and was inspired by someone who got hungry during late afternoon.

Afternoon tea is related on cakes,scones,ice cream and other pastries and even sandwiches. We have listed the London favorites afternoon tea that you want to consider when visiting in the place. You will surely love the ambiance, design and it offers a lot to the customers.

1.The Ritz, Palm Court

You will surely love this iconic tea. The place requires dress code for women as formal and for men they need to wear polos with tie.

It has all the live music mostly Frank Sinatra hits. Service staff are very friendly and accommodating. The design and set up of the place is very elegant. All tablecloths are white, chandeliers are beautiful because of its complexity and it surrounded by giant mirrors and palms.

You can also enjoy the 18 variety of teas which are strong and curated exclusively by tea experts from The Ritz. You can choose among the teas you want from black,green,fruit and other herbal teas that you will definitely love and adore.

They also serve their very own Chai and the classic blend of black tea Ceylon and Assam which are both has a perfect aroma.


The tea is the highlight in this afternoon tea place. The place is filled with some glass jars contains loose tea leaf which are aromatic and also filled the room with fragrance

You can pick up to 40 kinds including matcha, whole rosebud, Taiwan red jade  and white peony. The afternoon tea starts with a serving of creamy Oscietra caviar. And for the vegetarians they can enjoy the cauliflowers. It has boiled egg and a little flavorful comté cheese mornay.

3.The Mirror Room, The Rosewood

This is a high end hotel who introduced very unique way of an afternoon tea. The place is elegant featuring unique style of lightings. The sofas and mirrors are also stunning.

Food to enjoy while in the place.

  • Sandwiches with Reynaud Limoges
  • Creamy and sweet chicken with spinach bread
  • Ham
  • Nutty comté cheese
  • Pitta bread with salmon and lemon with cream cheese

4.Claridge’s, London

For over 150 years, this afternoon tea is like a rituals to many rich and royal family. They have an exceptional set up where you can enjoy a lot of food that are delicious and sumptuous. It all includes the sandwiches, cakes, and scones.

The design of the lobby is breathtaking where you will be amaze because of its classic and elegance. Every served food is extraordinary like from simple it became sophisticated.  

Spending your time here will also worth it. The staff are polite and helpful. Dining in this place will be overall excellent and fabulous. The food is natural and has an interesting taste but you will surely love it.

The atmosphere here is highly recommended from the food, rooms, staff and cocktails that are available in the bar.

5.Fortnum & Mason, The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

This place offers a lot during afternoon tea. You can bring with your friends, family and colleagues. Best for a good talked or just relaxing and unwinding after a long hours of working.

The ambiance is excellent. The tables and sofas are set up fabulously plus the waters are well dressed. Ceilings are decorated with chandeliers.They mostly used chinaware’s for their utensils.

The cost of staying is worth the price. You will also consider their 79 kinds of teas which are uniquely and amazingly handed just to serve the best tea in the place.They serve high grade tea and also offers a lot of food choices.

Service crew are very professional and smart enough to handle each customer.If you truly trying to find the best afternoon tea in town, you may want to consider the place because it so relaxing and create a calming experience because it’s a bit quite.

Dress code is just practical that will fit every personality who visit. Also the serving time is very efficient.You will want to go back here over and over again.

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