55 degrees wine storage napa

The 55 Degrees Wine Storage Napa

Presently wine gathering has no restriction with 55 degrees wine storage. With the wine stockpiling issue settled here in the Napa Valley, each one of the individuals who acknowledge wine can don’t hesitate to contribute, conjecture `and appreciate every one of the wines they need. You can even take allotments from wineries that offer wine fates. Exploit the present wine costs and accessibility, construct saves, and buy fates. Add to your wine gathering with the confirmation that your wines are faultlessly cellared in a protected, temperature controlled condition that cultivates legitimate maturing.


The 55 degrees is perceived as Napa‘s chief wine stockpiling organization. For a long time, this group has been the confided in the decision of separating gatherers, vintners, and bistros – securely reviewing and putting away their wines. The thought for 55 degrees turned into a certainty in the year 1999 when they changed over a memorable stone building, initially developed as a schnaps stockpiling distribution center, into an office impeccably well-matched to underground wine. Nowadays, it is a structure recorded on the historic places that offer wine authorities genuine feelings of serenity with regards to the trustworthiness and of their accumulations.

The 55 Degrees Wine Storage Napa

Their Wine Cellar

The fine wine frequently enhances with time, however maturing in the wrong conditions can irreversibly trade off your accumulation and venture. At 55 degrees they see how wine advances in the jug. Worked in the year 1889 as a schnaps stockpiling stockroom, their office’s which is 20-inch thick dividers and protected inside dividers are supplemented by refrigeration for a perfect basement condition. The strong stone building likewise shields wine from possibly hurtful common light and vibration.

Their Condition

The way to legitimate wine stockpiling is giving a perfect and constant condition, one that enables wine to age gradually and nimbly.

  • Light: Light can rashly age wine, notwithstanding when the introduction is exceptionally concise. Their stone basement avoids normal light entrance; they utilize low force lighting all through to give the best level of assurance.
  • Vibration: Vibration can influence the balance and advancement of wine. Our strong stone dividers and solid deck limit development inside the basement.
  • Security: For the most extreme insurance, our office is furnished with cutting-edge infrared movement finders and security caution frameworks. Every locker is anchored with an individual latch and key, and all conditions are checked twenty-four hours per day.
  • Atmosphere: It is, for the most part, concurred that temperatures from 55° to 59° enable wines to create at an ideal rate. Higher temperatures will age wine rashly, cheapening and shortening a wine’s life expectancy. 55 degree’s basement highlights indoor regulator controlled refrigeration which gives phenomenal air course (imperative for controlling buildup) and guarantees even temperature conveyance all through.

55 degrees Amenities

Notwithstanding furnishing our customers with true serenity about the security and respectability of their wine accumulations, 55 degrees prides itself on offering its individuals unparalleled and customized client benefit. The 55 degrees individuals appreciate benefits that far surpass those offered by our rivals, including simple online access to their wine accumulations with a refined yet easy to use stock administration instrument.

Club 55 degrees

The Club 55 degrees is a day in and day out web interface to your wine stock at 55 Degrees.


  • View your whole stock and locker limit
  • Follow the development of your wine’s fairly estimated worth and ascertain the arrival of your speculations
  • Submit Personal Pick up/Transfer asks for, by the jug, box or by a locker.
  • Share wine surveys with individual 55º Degrees individuals
  • Create and deal with a boundless measure of individual basements, so you can monitor all your wine.

55 degrees Membership

The 55 degrees offer three distinctive enrollment levels designs:

  • Platinum, Bulk or Local – intended to address the issues of any measured gathering.

Adaptability is the key here. You can begin little and afterward move up to a bigger space as your gathering develops. You have boundless development openings and can change your participation understanding whenever. Furthermore, every arrangement incorporates the comfort of computerized restoration.


  • Platinum Level Membership
  • Perfect for substantial accumulations, with access to full club administrations and comforts.
  • $85 per locker, every month, with the decision of half year or one-year rental arrangement.
  • Locker limit is 10-12 standard cases.
  • Incorporates access to Club 55 online stock administration framework.
  • Incorporates online courses of action for wine exchanges and additionally close to home get administrations.
  • Incorporates preparing/dealing with administrations for any wine conveyed, sent or got for your benefit.
  • Incorporates get benefits inside Napa and Sonoma Counties.
  • Up to two approved proprietors permitted on the account.


  1. Is there any place to find the 55 degrees? Or it only in the Napa Valley? I’m not quite sure of that thing.
  2. How much does its wine storage? It depends on their services


Odds are that fine wines are an energy for you. They share that energy and know the significance of ensuring you’re collecting. Camcorder reconnaissance, twofold bolted entryways, extraordinarily keyed passage and PC following all work to keep up your present accumulation in manners you’ve just imagined.



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